The unforgettable landscapes of Meghalaya will stay in your heart, long after your journey is over. The table-top heights of Sohra (Cherrapunjee) are brim-full with waterfalls, streams, and forest trails. Gaze at the Bangladeshi plains from the many vantage points on the state’s southern ridges. The outskirts of Shillong and the high plateau around Mylliem and Smit offer postcard perfect representations of the simple life – complete with pastel green meadows, tall pine groves, crisp cool air, and quiet villages with quaint cottages and wooden fences spread across the countryside.

Further west, the Garo Hills burst into all the shades of green that you can think of. It is a region where you can travel on winding roads that pass through undisturbed forests where pachyderms and predators still rule and discover rarely-breached ecosystems. Meghalaya’s largely agrarian society has also contributed to this vibrant mosaic. Paddy fields neatly carved out of the hills and betel plantations that blend into the forest are just some examples you will come across. On the eastern part of the state, the Jaintia Hills offer more even enchanting views – a mix of heady cliffs, river-crossed tableland, rapids and waterfalls, and primeval forests that still remain unexplored in places.

Meghalaya is home to some of the longest and most complex cave systems in the world – from west to east, there are many subterranean tunnels and spots marked with ancient fossils and home to rare species. During the monsoons, the fast-moving rivers swell and drop into the plains in imposing, powerful cascades – a reason why Meghalaya is also termed as a land of waterfalls.

A Quick Glance

What Is Meghalaya For?

Ward’s Lake

 During Shillong sightseeing, it is impossible to miss Ward’s Lake. Located at the heart of the city, this is another famous lake in Shillong, also known as Polok Lake. The lake is encircled by a cobblestone walkway, ideal for evening strolls. People visit this Shillong tourist spot, to enjoy the natural beauty, day picnics, watch dancing fountain shows or relax at the cafeteria, located by the lake. The wooden bridge on the lake and sprawling lotus beds on both sides make the place look immensely scenic.

Unian Lake

Surrounded by thick coniferous forests and East Khasi Hills, Umiam Lake is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Shillong. Popular as Badapani, this is a sprawling man-made water body, formed by damming Umiam River. The lake is dotted with few small islands and the adjoining Lum Nehru Park is an ideal place for strolling and picnic.

Along with natural beauty, Umiam Lake is famous for thrilling water sports and fun activities like kayaking, boating, water cycling, scooting, and is an important part of the Shillong sightseeing itinerary.

Shillong View Point

For a stunning view of the surrounding hills and valleys, visit Shillong Peak which happens to be the highest view point and one of the best places to visit in Shillong. Located at an elevation of 6449 feet and mostly surrounded by fog, Shillong Peak offers 360-degree bird’s-eye view of the distant hills, waterfalls, Shillong city, and plains of Bangladesh. Perfect for nature lovers, photographers and trekkers, this place is undoubtedly one of the best tourist attractions in Shillong.

Elephant Fall

Counted as one of the most scenic places to visit in Shillong, Elephant Falls is a three-tier cascading beauty and the most spectacular waterfall of the city. The Britishers named it so because of a huge adjoining rock, that has an uncanny resemblance with that of an elephant. However, the rock is no longer seen ever since it was destroyed in an earthquake. Here at Elephant Falls,  you can admire the beauty of foamy water dropping in layers, surrounding dense vegetation, and enjoy shopping for souvenirs from local shops located at the entrance.


Cherrapunji in Meghalaya is one of the wettest places on the planet and the only place in India to receive rain throughout the year. The town of Cherrapunji is nestled in the East Khasi Hills about 50 km southwest of the state’s capital, Shillong. Cherrapunji, also known as Sohra or Churra, means ‘the land of oranges’. The cliffs of Cherrapunji also offer stunning views of the plains of Bangladesh

Receiving an annual rainfall of 11,777 mm, Cherrapunji happens to be not only the second wettest place in India, but also on the planet. For lovers of monsoon and chai, every day in this town looks breathtakingly beautiful. And while Mawsynram has taken over its first rank in the last few years, the charm of this place continues to please eyes and win hearts!

There is no doubt that Cherrapunji is an ideal place for trekking and soaking up the peace that nature offers. But what adds more thrill to this adventurous experience are the living root bridges located in the Tyrna village. The two-tier bridge is 100 feet long in length and is known around the world as the 150-year old man-made natural wonder, which is certainly one of the top reasons to visit Cherrapunji.

Amongst the best places to visit for Cherrapunji sightseeing, these waterfalls are the most gorgeous ones to witness in the town. Also known as Nohsngithiang Falls or Mawsmai Falls, the best time to admire these multiple streams of water falling down from a large cliff is during a sunny day, as it mostly remains shrouded in clouds on the other days.

While traveling from Shillong to Cherrapunji, you would come across a gorgeous view point, which is located at the very start of Sohra tourist circuit. Built by the forest department, it is one of the best gifts the town has in store for its travelers who are either in pursuit of peace or are nature admirers at heart.

While the Cherrapunji weather stays pleasant throughout the year, the town witnesses rainfall for the majority of the months. And so, the best time for planning your Cherrapunji tour is between the months of October and May that experience relatively lesser droplets and cooler temperature.


Elephant Falls, Umiam Lake, Shillong Peak & View Point, Don Bosco Museum, David Scott Trail, Sweet Falls, Laitlum Canyons, Police Bazar, Ward’s Lake, Phan Nonglait Park, Air Force Museum and many others attraction make this place worth a visit.


Encircled with lush green hills and pine trees and having a very peaceful surroundings, the places to visit in Shillong are loaded with scenic beauty and calm aura. Be it the quaint monasteries or the rolling hills, the tourists spots here come in a large variety. If thinking about spending some time in serenity, you can hop to Umiam Lake or the Elephant Falls. Both the locations boast of having splendid natural beauty. If wishing to indulge in local culinary delights while shopping for handicrafts then you can head to the Police Bazaar and enjoy an evening like never before.

Shillong Tourist Places are not limited to nature only as this city also houses various basilicas and museums as well. Famed for being “The abode of clouds”, the city will bestow you with many beautiful landmarks no matter where you go. Being one of the smallest states of India, Shillong houses many big gems in the form of waterfalls, lakes, age old monasteries and much more

Adventure Activity

The outdoors life is part of the people’s DNA in Meghalaya. Traditionally speaking, activities like camping, fishing and hiking are much loved by residents of all age groups. Modern adventure sports and activities are also gaining a large following so if you seek an adrenaline rush, the mountains, lakes and rivers here can guarantee that.

Some of the popular adventure activities in Meghalaya are ziplining, rappelling, waterfall rappelling, canyoning, freshwater scuba diving, paddling, caving, and good-old-fashioned camping. The best seasons for water-related activities are post-monsoon and winter. Camping is an all-year activity depending on the campsite and accessibility of your route, although for those who have limited experience in the outdoors it is recommended that you avoid the ferocious monsoon season.

Meghalaya is also a favoured destination for mountain bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts – the dirt trails coursing through the highlands and valleys and the smooth and winding scenic highways provide a perfect stage.

Choose locally-based adventure tour providers for the best experience. They will ensure that you visit off-beat sites that are not on every itinerary.

Top adventure tour providers in Meghalaya are:

  • Pioneer Adventure Tours
  • Meghalaya Adventurers’ Tours (MAT)
  • Campfire Trails
  • Duia Trailblazers


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